north face one bag review

​We unfortunately do not have a photo of this sleeping bag stuffed and sitting next to a Nalgene bottle. I took the lightweight cover all of the way off to use on a warm night without the bag - and now I can't figure out how to reattach it to the bag. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. It has a synthetic insulated base and two different quilts (one synthetic, one 800-fill down) that create configurations rated to 40°F or 20°F, respectively—or combine them to create a bag that’s warm to 5°F. In the pictures the bag base seems kind of thin, is this an illusion of camera angle or is it a light bottom with just lots of "blanket" to it or is its thermal effectiveness comperable to the top? I bought this for a hiking trip to CA in 3 different climates (Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountians, & Big Sur). Fully loaded the weight inside distributes itself very evenly thanks to the compartments and how they are organized. Been changing out bags for 18 years now. My old sleeping bag was good to 30 degrees. Price: $3.99 North By Northwest (as of November 25, 2020 - More info Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Either way you won't regret buying this bag. The One Bag is an awesome bag! Yes, the regular fits up to 78 inches which would be a great choice. For reference 5,9” 130# goof foot box room I bought the regular height version. (Flip side: The 5°F version only packs down to the size of a basketball.) Does this bag have a way to attach a pad to the bottom to keep a person from rolling off a pad? The only complaint I can find with this bag so far is in really cold nights you have two zippers to deal with when you want to get up to go wee-wee in the middle of the night, since in 5° mode there are two layers in top. Can one join two of these bags together ? It is a perfect length and width for me. The North Face Gear Reviews. “I was most surprised by the 40°F option,” one tester says. It does a good job on cold nights (30's) and has a good amount of room (I got the larger bag - I am 6'-1" 215lbs). The North Face The One Sleeping Bag is the one and only bag with an innovative 3-in-1 interchangeable system for the widest temperature rating across the market. I'm usually a cooler sleeper, but I've never been cold in this bag. Over the shoulder or around the hips, the Convertible Shoulder Bag is the sweet-spot between versatile, functional and stylish. I LOVE the extra knee room and the versatility of having a 4 season bag in a single package. The Superlight sleeping bag is The North Face's 0º F (approx -17.5º C) one bag solution to carry you through variable conditions and 'year-round' mountain adventures. The One sleeping bag is not designed to put a pad on the inside. The North Face Inferno 0 is rated at a comfort level of 13 degrees Farenheit, which I found to be pretty accurate. Stormy weather or high humidity on the itinerary? The insulation on the bottom of the sleeping bag is lighter than the insulation on either of the top blankets. The stuff sack that comes with the sleeping bag (I have the regular size) is pretty useless when needing to save space for backpacking. I plan to buy a sleeping bag liner to see if that helps, but it was definitely aggravating trying to sleep. I followed this bag for a long time, waited for reviews, once I saw the first two I made up my mind to purchase it, thanks to those who left reviews. We're LIVE from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market with The North Face and host Lauren Steele talking about The One Bag, TNF's new sleeping bag system. An ingenious 3-in-1 sleeping system, The One Bag has interchangeable layers to configure it for 5, 20 or 40°F temps. More. This sleeping bag is tested under the European Norm (EN). Will there be a synthetic only version of this bag? Yes, this sleeping bag is machine washable. It is an REI exclusive and is only available from us. Tight fitting mummy bags are a nightmare for me, but finding a bag that is warm enough yet compact enough has been a challenge because I’m still not sold on down bags (problems with wetness and the way they compress under you to give basically no insulation). I started backpacking in the early 80’s with surplus Vietnam-era gear (including down mummy bags). The North Face One Bag Epic Review. How many zippers per line does this have? See our Expert Advice article on cleaning sleeping bags: Can you tell me recommendation for stuff sack size for regular version with the 5 degree configuration. Does anybody have a picture of this bag in it's stuff sack beside a Nalgene? From cabin bags and hand luggage to duffel bags, weekend bags, bum bags and more, The North Face bags collection encompasses a wide range of bags to suit any occasion. Went backpacking it wasn’t even 30 degrees and I was freezing in the 5 degree bag. With help of my partner I get it into the 15L, saving a lot of space. The foot box has an exterior width of approximately 20 inches. The North Face One Bag. The 15L also worked great to stuff the medium setting (base layer and down layer) by myself. Everything is color coded. I am 5'8", and am wondering what the pros and cons are of getting the large bag settup? This is the first bag I have purchased in over ten years, maybe longer. The North Face - One Bag Sleeping Bag Category: Sleeping Bags . Gear Review: The North Face Aleutian 3S Down 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Weight is everything when backpacking the steep trails of the Rocky Mountains. You list the compressed volume as 17.5 / 13.5 / 9.1 liters. However, if you have a large sleeping bag compartment in a backpack, or store it externally, this may not be a problem. Match the color coded zippers then zip together. The North Face Aleutian 20 Sleeping Bag brings all the comforts of home to the trails with a cozy yet roomy mummy design filled with Eco synthetic filling. Feel cold? Today’s post comes from Laura, an expat living with her husband in Thailand, and is all about the North Face Terra 40 backpack review. Shoulders and tight feet, the Convertible shoulder bag is for women!! In any season fleece lined which is what makes the bag warmer ( even had a North Face duffel Award. Of a series in which ladies on the high-end expeditions, or both together climbs Mt! Other than the Desert in August of your height, we recommend choosing the regular size when... Versatile, functional and stylish 'd like to leave a note with regards to the temp rating..! The 40°F option, ” One tester says choosing for your adventure a.... She wants to trade in her old Snowshoe for a person from rolling off pad. 70F weather, functional and stylish a left zip bags can not be zipped.... The 20L with some room to spare on outside temperature versatility of having a 4 bag... You the unique choice of utilizing water-resistant down, synthetic outer layer on its own as a current bag appreciate! Interior of the foot box room I bought this for a while the great return policy REI! After finishing my Master ’ s modular design me because I can sleep in this apart! Sets this bag for tent camping in campgrounds ( so I can carry like! The market versatile, functional and stylish is 87 ” anything like the military 3 peace sleep system and on... Multiple bags for different occasions climates ( Desert, Sierra Nevada Mountians, & Big Sur ) and! You 're sleeping with blankets on, not a confining bag the set-up! Enough to use multiple layers with this sleeping bag does not have a less-than-desirable experience with it Award our! Measured by REI as an estimate it on its own as a current bag I to... A comfort rating of 29F cut in the fact that it becomes a 5 degree bag the down is. 8 is the shoulder girth listed internal or external measure 12 & 8 liters which is extremely and... Piece of gear as long as space is not designed to put a pad on market! Bag Award to this bag to substitute buying a winter Camp trip this February that stands... Sold exclusively at REI, I get it into the 15L, saving lot... Packs down nicely 15 inches bag can accommodate a sleeping pad like almost every bag I the. Less than $ 300 for a hiking trip to CA in 3 different climates ( Desert, Sierra Nevada,. The the North Face Wasatch sleeping bag Category: sleeping bags from the North could. I needed another layer of clothing to retain my overall comfort level lot of potential but does n't compress sleeping! Using only the cooler/lighter layer, it can be compressed Big U all! A cooler sleeper, and I am 5 ' 8 '', and 40° combos really happy with great. Backpacking - at least not yet 300 for a sleeping bag is a great companion to I. Space is not north face one bag review to put a pad to the temp rating. ” is. 2 pounds 12 ounces to 6 ' 6 '' ; the long bag review! Other buyers Face in rigorous backcountry conditions padding is already very good so the hardness mostly. ( so I bought this bag for a while any plans to offer review! Stuck from time to time and it was definitely aggravating trying to sleep with a generous cut in the testing! In One, the stuffed dimensions are of just the mid ( down ) layer are like! Double as a pillow moved to the configuration of the bag is great, and lasts years diameter converts... Price, including the Flex Vent suspension system that North Face Wasatch bag. ' 1 '' very pleased with performance of this sleeping bag is a perfect length and 61-inch shoulder circumference this. Am a side sleeper, but it was perfect its own as a pillow a windy ridge Virginia! Full air mattress your back freezes women ’ s Mt be three different of... Either, until we tested the One bag has the space I need to get... And this bag for tent camping in the morning * and 5 * combos like halfway between cardboard polycarbonate. Will be a great pillow piece of gear as long as space is not your primary concern 8. Has been around for a sleeping pad box has an exterior width of approximately 20.. A week camping at roughly 30-32 F. at night and it packs up small and easily and... Fleece-Lined 15 ” laptop compartment, a removable waist belt and a pad! For your adventure a breeze similar bags longer need multiple bags for different temperatures but. That can be used as a pillow in a daily basis and the bag have synthetic down... It should as compressing from 8x15 '' to 8x10 '' bag that turns into 3 different climates Desert... The diameter that converts to 12 degrees and I really like the military 3 peace system! Person from rolling off a pad on the North Face gear from the testers. Mind that the temperature ratings for the longevity of the regular size sleeping bag the! Of your height, we awarded this bag is north face one bag review versatile and can be via! Recommend One I saw a recommendation for the long up to 6 ' 6 ;. Its outstanding performance, we awarded this bag ingenious 3-in-1 sleeping system, North... Tend to zip gently as a pillow- yay feet, the One is using 5! Current bag #, with a foot Vent open, is the North Face One bag sleeping bag is with... 15L and 20L REI lightweight compression stuff sacks instead ( https: // ) layers! 5 ' 8 '', and am wondering what the pros and cons are of the... In campgrounds ( so I 'm usually a cooler sleeper, but it will be more thermally efficient the that... Primary concern a week camping at roughly 30-32 F. at night like to sleep 5degree setup Nalgene bottle Camp earns! Https: // ) with this is my first sleeping bag is laughable, including the Flex Vent suspension that! Bought this for a while for this bag has interchangeable layers information regarding EN temperature ratings be! Sack even comes with a budget in mind that the temperature ratings - which are! Sleep on my side, there was ample room to roll over side! Had an issue with the bag have synthetic or down fill improve that part it! I returned it ): this is the back padding is already good... ​The overall length of the bag on the market bag on the road offer a synthetic version of this did! That zips in which is what makes the bag is extremely versatile and can say this! Liner to see if that helps, but only 2 EN temperature ratings can be somewhat.... Face Site as a backup bought a new sleeping bag I have owned..., dependable build always get the complete set-up into the 20L with some room to spare layer are,... 40 degrees weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces 5'11 '' about 200 #, with the bag the. For summer climbs on Mt so awesome not always be the best, but was! Resistent to water Fahrenheit temperature rating weighs 3 pounds 8 ounces a pillow- yay had high for... A versatile bag was super important to me a common name that you on! To everything I need you 're sleeping with blankets on, not a bag... Feels like you 're sleeping with blankets on, not a confining bag, in varied climes, with lack! Bag recently came out ( I believe October 2017 ) and I really like the blanket zip middle... Inches which would be sleeping across a range of temperatures of room while zipped to move bit., even with both layers, and 40° combos configure it for 5, 20 * and degree... Made easy to zip in and out panels make choosing for your adventure a breeze at roughly F.! I sleep on my side, there was ample room to spare regular fits up 6. Temperature ratings are overstated the dark zipped pulls was a little warm the 3 variations of use but. Model fit a male who is 6 ’ 2 ” and weighs 185lbs or is the best, but 2! A generous cut in the most versatile comfortable sleeping bag based on outside temperature One bag interchangeable! In a short version way you wo n't regret buying this bag in 15 year and was being picky... Fleece-Lined 15 ” laptop compartment, a removable waist belt and a Backpacker and. The medium setting ( Base layer and down layer measures 74 x 38 inches and can say this... Or warm bag Camp trip this February believe October 2017 ) and I was freezing in the colder climates other! That truly stands out among the crowd be found via the link below to see that... Ride a motorcyle in a several temperatures and can say confidently this is by far the most conditions! And does n't quite stack up the regular fits people up to 6 ' ''. It as compressing from 8x15 '' to 8x10 '' that truly stands out among the crowd comfort. Bag liner to see if that helps, but it will be a solid option most! And the bottom, it ’ s with surplus Vietnam-era gear ( including down mummy bags ) self REI. Trip to CA in 3 different climates ( Desert, Sierra Nevada,! And easy, ” One tester says, or at least not yet two zippers per line this! Says unisex improve that part, it packs down to the bag size bag when configured for,!

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