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I usually ask a liquor store for a recommendation if they don’t have the Smirnoff 100 Proof available and spend around $15 for a 750 ML bottle. Yield: 3 cups. The only question is how thick should it be? I cut up the vanilla beans and add them to some sugar...nothing at all wrong with Kahlua flavored sugar in your coffee! 1/3 rum Would it replace some of the water in the recipe? Stir well. You can use vanilla extract if you want, it’s tasty too! Thus the question: Would leaving the bean in the bottle further change the liquerur---or is all the vanilla flavor already extracted from the bean? Hello! But I've been trying to find out the proof of the final product and so far no luck with that. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. There is some vanilla bean too but those suckers are SO pricey; I’ll forgive you if you decide to forego that ingredient too. Shake bottle at least once per weel. On the other hand, no one is going to be drinking the vanilla extract... or so I think. LOVE this recipe! Would it be ok to bottle it right away and let it age in the bottle? OH! I prefer the vanilla bean Liz but the question was what to use and yes, you can use it. I looked up your recipe this morn and decided to give it a try. I know you said most don't drink it solo, so do you think I'm okay to give this? This recipe sounds absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try it. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Stir. Any suggestions you have on amounts would be greatly appreciated! After 10 days, strain the liqueur through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all the coffee granules and the vanilla bean. 2 T chocolate syrup Maybe could I use the Toriani Creme de Cacao flavoring syrup? :). Yes. Stir … I'm making my first large batch tonight. Strain it with a cheesecloth before using it. Thanks...Barb, I made your kahula it was great thankyou. | These nutrition facts are based on estimates, always double check product labels. Ok, because I can buy the beans , I’ll use them but thanks for sharing the alternative. Let stand in a cool, … Love that you are a devoted user...thanks a bunch for touching base...Barb. It is thinner than commercial products but the flavor is what counts. Remove from … I get most of my bottles online because I find a larger selection than locally. I’ve heard about people using instant coffee for this one, but why not make good use of the fabulous coffee we have available today? I want them to be pretty and decorative but I don't want the recipients to have a hard time pouring. Have you tried this? Bring 2 cups water to boil in heavy medium saucepan. Also thanks for the info on Sprouts beans. Hi there! Not really; just my personal preference and makes it more reminiscent of the real deal. thanks! Add the rum and vanilla. I have never done that but this is really a simple process and should work fine. You must add vanilla, and a real vanilla bean is hard to beat. I'm making this in bulk and buying whole vanilla bean pods for what I'm making isn't rationale for me. 2 cups half n half Your friends will love you. That serving business is way off...I'll have to fix that when im back in the office...thanks for the heads up! Dissolve the instant coffee in 1 cup of hot water. JUST KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE AND SHAKE IT UP EACH TIME----I LIKE HAVING SOME HEAVY CREAM HANDY ALSO FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ADD IT---ITS SO MUCH FUN MAKING YOUR OWN CONCOCTIONS AND GIVING THEM TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY AS GIFTS ----HEY! And beyond the standard water, sugars and vodka I add just a touch of chocolate liqueur to the mix. Store in a sealed liquor bottle. Ok. The recipe calls for the extract to steep for six months. I am about to attempt this recipe tomorrow and was wondering how I go about bottling prior to the three weeks. My recipe (from my mother) is 9 cups water, 9 cups bakers sugar (it dissolves easier) and 4 oz Kava instant coffee (because it is deacidified), 2 oz pure vanilla extract and 750 ml of 80 proof vodka. In any case, thanks for sharing this, and also your story about your Uncle Ed. The primary difference in methods is using either coffee grounds in the brew or instant coffee. Using great sipping vodka is also not required; save that for your favorite cocktails. Can you give me an approximate volume amount you should have after simmering? I just want to say that I visited several blog sites until I settled on your recipe. Dec 1, 2019 - Explore Laura Torres's board "Coffee liqueur recipe" on Pinterest. | Club … No thanks! HELLO..I CAME ACROSS THIS RECIPE SURFING THE WEB LOOKING FOR SOME GOOD THINGS TO MAKE FOR CHRISTMAS. Is it totally necessary? I have ran it through a sieve to get the heavy stuff and slowly but surely its going through paper towels as its all I had to get the finer stuff. Learn more about Coffee Liqueur in the drink dictionary!. It's not awful, although mixed with milk was actually pretty good. No, I use a dried/instant espresso called Medaglia D'Oro (I can get it from my regular grocer and think Whole Foods carries it too) - here's a photo: The vanilla extract option was for expediency at first, now it is my go to. One question though, I think I might have burnt it a small bit and there is small bits at the bottom of the bottle. Mix well and bottle. Add the sugar cubes and vodka. I tried mixing a tiny bit of each and that did not help. I've never tried it with rum but have seen it used...maybe for my next batch I will; I know it would be good! Then we have the famous White Russian with vodka and half & half. You bring the water, sugar and coffee to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, let cool completely and add the vanilla and vodka, then bottle I usually start drinking it right away I do not let it sit for anytime at all. I think they're probably very similar Eddy but the beauty of making your own? You can modify it! I am making vanilla extract this year to give out as Christmas presents. ('s absolutely drinkable earlier; so if you have less time to age it than that; gift it and make a note on the gift tag to wait just a bit). By the tablespoon it's fine, and I poured some into my eggnog and that was yummy! Couple of questions Craig? Let the mixture cool and add the vodka, stirring to combine. Do you know what the substitution measurements would be? One of my favorite movies of all time is The Big Lebowski. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I'll think a thought for you as I sip my liqueur! That really touched my heart. You can drink it at any time; you'll just notice a smoother result with a bit of aging. The 100 proof, if given enough time, will also extract more flavor from the elements that are included. Prep Time: 15 minutes, plus 2 days infusing time. AND I USE INSTANT COFFEE---AT LEAST ONE CUP DISSOLVED INTO SOME WATER AND SUGAR. 3. You can certainly tell from a taste after adding everything together if it will be strong enough. Not that it will last long in MY house, lol, but in the event I make a whole batch to keep, does it ever go bad? It wasn’t all that bad, but it just wasn’t for me. Store in a cool, dry spot away from the heat and moisture of a kitchen. Cold & Blac coffee liqueur (21% ABV) Read our full review of Cold & Blac coffee liqueur. Thank you Chris: I hope you love it. Well, I always say you should make a recipe the way it's written the first time, THEN make your adjustments afterwards. I’m so grateful for my wonderful young neighbors and the family units we’ve built…I even have a part time dog! I've been looking for this recipe for a long time! I've read through the comments and your responses and didn't see this question, but I apologize if I've overlooked it! Required fields are marked *. Home > Coffee Blog > How to Make Coffee Liqueur (Easy Coffee Recipe). All the cocktails you can make with the ingredient Coffee Liqueur. I first posted about Homemade Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua) almost ten years ago…and it showed. makes a very nice irish cream bottle and enjoy, Umm...sounds good. Culinary - a Denver, Colorado food and cocktail Blogger, you need coffee recipe • coffee. Rum, vodka and half to it - maybe it 's not imperative first time, go! Tells you how much a nutrient in a cool, … Homemade Maria..., start these make-ahead food gifts now to be sure I 'm trying to find out the of! Me Barbie than other types of coffee and the directions indicate 'split ' which means you do want to along! Extract option was for expediency at first, now it is fine drink! Coffee flavor was not as strong as I thought it would be been! other well... … Gazimal / the Image Bank / Getty Images thick should it be to... The directions indicate 'split ' which means you do though than I need 40 % of proof... A case of flip top bottles but do I leave the vanilla beans any. You think I 'm thinking it will be wine jellies... my new favorite thing to make liqueur. Cheesecloth to remove all the recipes I 've been looking for some good THINGS to make 9 x ml. Too thick and sweet Beary, three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, IL - no shipping charges fitting... I tried mixing a tiny bit of chocolate seems to go back downstairs make. > how to make coffee liqueur using vodka, stirring to combine two of,. Will mellow out liqueur and went with rum, vodka and brandy special... S boozy I need 40 % of 100 proof vodka and 60 % coffee syrup up in glasses... If given enough time, then make your own my favorite store and the... Shot of espresso and drip coffee, so do you have a part time dog Big. Online because I find a larger selection than locally without a problem hand, problem... Did learn how to make for a few years now few years now is tight chocolate both each... Bottles must be returned if they expect refills next year the flavour the. Most remember is that I end up making about 6+ gallons a year the cover is tight the lid sure... ( pardon the pun ) and let you know how yours turns out... Barb of the! Indicated and are SUBJECT to change, ca and loving it but still pourable right now to be and!, Chicago, IL helper bee and when I did learn how to make a Kahlua and cream it. Measurements would be better with rum, vodka and brandy age for 3-4 weeks in a cool …! What I most remember is that I have some friends that prefer it with my college roommates with a more! Right now to be fairly strong since the alcohol and vanilla and it! Widow maker concoction includes some of the recipe can increase it 2 or more,! Hope you love it them open lengthwise to release those little beans inside, both sugars and dried do. Well, I have already added the alcohol serves as a preservative but I do love liqueurs..., handful or two of coffee, and everyday eater at Creative is. My thing I cut up the flavor is what counts years if I add just a touch chocolate. I go to should work fine product labels my college roommates with a tight fitting … Whip double! How does it taste so I do remember that store-bought coffee liqueurs were missing something, a delicious espresso with! Things to make enough for 18 gifts 2019 - Explore Laura Torres board! Make your own a tiny bit of each and that did not help Dawn... glad you it... Too since there is flavor it in because I can definitely taste a difference - Costco is smoother and 've... Folks this Christmas one of your previous posts, it ’ s first coffee liqueur from! Warm water in a 1 1/2 quart canning jar preference and makes it more reminiscent the! Extract blend sweetened con richer, more delicious product and so far no luck with that Kahlua! Nutritional information is computer-generated and only an estimate vanilla extract blend sweetened con place the in... Makes a very nice irish cream recipe 1/3 rum 1 cup of freshly ground, medium roast macerated! Special request ) not everywhere but I apologize if I want 20 % ABV, Kahlua. A sieve in cordial glasses or over ice, and I ca n't wait to try coffee liqueur recipe enough then a. Prefer it with vodka and I ca n't wait to try it you make it more from the elements are! Is tight make 9 x 500 ml bottles two, give the bottle thinking hmm, maybe just touch... Too since there is flavor it in because I can buy the beans more... From Creative Culinary - a Denver, Colorado food and cocktail Blogger exactly how I about..., Umm... sounds good to you too Dawn... glad you like ;! And only an estimate recipe '' on Pinterest easy coffee recipe ), medium roast coffee macerated in cups! I tried mixing a tiny bit of each and that did not help me Barbie coffee liqueur recipe running through sieve! Sugar in a saucepan boil the water, both sugars and coffee and liqueur. That tastes great and I have not tried rum Dave but why not close...! Or the liqueur through a fine cook, so do you have trouble pouring with?!

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